what we do

At it’s heart, Serendipity is a hair salon. But it’s really much more than that. It’s a place to feel good, be who you are, and at the same time redefine yourself. When you visit us, we strive to make your visit the best it can be and hope that you leave a little happier, more at peace, and feeling refreshed. We love nothing more than hearing ‘I love this place. It just feels good.’ We agree!

Serendipity has a handpicked staff to fit niche areas of technical ability. It is our goal at Serendipity to remain current and on trend in an industry that is constantly changing. Our passion and dedication for the pursuit of perfection is evident in the amount of education our technicians devote to their art.

Our website is the launch pad for our online booking page. It is a real-time, 24 hour a day assistant to keep your salon appointments efficient, scheduled and confirmed at your convenience. It has a user friendly interface and we welcome you as a new guest or long time client to utilize its efficiency.

how we're different

Serendipity is not your typical salon.

For starters, we focus on serving the needs of our Cache Valley clientele but travel the country in search of the best training, styles, and trends. Our team consists of Logan's top stylists, nail technicians, and estheticians. Our focus on continual education to maintain a breadth and depth of expertise sets us apart.

We also believe that you can't understand your community without being involved in it! We strive to stay connected with local events and promotions while at the same time being up to date on the world of style and fashion. We spend a good deal of time at training centers in NYC to keep up on the latest. With a foot in both worlds, Serendipity serves as a channel of guidance for our clientele.

Finally, we bring limitless energy, relentless determination, and a true passion for our work. As part of that commitment, the Serendipity team dedicates a substantial amount of their time to worthy causes.

who we are

Ursula Bindrup

KeniaAnn Reed

Lacey Young

Emily Heugly

Kesley Kohler

Ashley FieFia

Kari Soderquist

Brenda Bitter

Kimberlee Jones

Adair Westover

Jacqueline Salazar

Deyanira Parra-Gonzalez

Breanna Mortensen


skincareThe world of skincare technology is constantly changing. When available time is a premium and results are what you need, we have specific solutions ready and waiting. We have researched and studied the technologies that are the most beneficial for our client’s skin concerns. We are proud to use fantastic products like Dermalogica®. We’ve packaged individual treatments in 30 minute blocks that can give you quick, healthy, and cost efficient results.

makeupSerendipity uses and recommends 100% pure mineral Bare Escentuals® makeup. BareMinerals® are free of preservatives, talc, oil, fragrance and other harmful chemicals. The formula provides impeccable coverage for every skin type and skin tone and protects with a natural sunscreen. Bare Escentuals® is makeup so pure you can sleep in it!

nail servicesEveryone knows that being fashion-conscious also means paying attention to details and nothing delivers this message more than finely maintained hands and feet. At Serendipity, an experienced nail technician will provide you with acrylic nails, a manicure and a pedicure to relax you as well as exfoliate and moisturize. Come on your own or bring a group of friends - our pedicure lounge can accommodate up to 4 guests at a time.

waxingMost of us have areas of unwanted hair. Have it removed by a trained professional whose aim is low pain, speed, and complete sanitation! We use the MD waxing system to ensure absolute cleanliness. There will never be ‘double dipping’ in our treatment room! From brows and lips, to arms and legs, to backs and chests and complete bikinis, we will safely and efficiently make you hair free!

hair stylingIn the middle of Serendipity lies the bright styling floor. It’s definitely the heart and the center of action. Whether it’s a simple trim or a totally new look you want, you’re sure to be pleased with the results from the vision and work of a stylist at Serendipity. All services and styles are complemented by Redken.® and Pureology®

color enhancementWhen it comes to color, Serendipity shines! We strive to make your hair color match your life, look, and style! Whether you want a subtle change, gray coverage, or a dramatic new look, we’ll help you find the color that’s right for you. Serendipity stylists are trained in Redken® hair coloring techniques and principles. Our color-care Pureology® products enhance radiance, dramatically improve hair condition, and respect the environment while delivering longer lasting hair color guaranteed. We strive to be on the forefront of style while at the same time preserving and promoting your hair’s health.

facialsTo call the amazing 75 minute treatment “a facial” really doesn’t explain it! It’s not just a steam and cream session or an off-themenu service. We also don’t have a long list of fluffy titles for our facials. We offer a completely customized session from skilled skin therapists trained in Dermalogica analysis techniques, treatments and professional products. They are armed with the finest equipment and tools available and each treatment will be based upon a “Face Mapping Analysis.” We will identify and target your specific concerns and goals. We will work to soothe, balance, and moisturize your skin. Each treatment includes a massage of head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and feet. Treat yourself to a special day and book a facial or let us help you meet your skin care goals and book a series. Either way, you will see and feel the difference.

microbladingMicroblading/3D Brows has been a very popular and successful procedure in Asia and Europe for many years. It is a process where mini-hair like strokes are made in the eyebrow creating a solution to beautiful, natural looking brows that last up to 2yrs!

the buzz

Serendipity is a company always on the move. We call Cache Valley home, but hit the road and the airports in search of training, education, and inspiration as often as possible. We rely heavily on information technologies to stay in touch with each other, our clients, and the rest of the world.

In homage to all of our comrades out there similarly addicted to the web and social sites, Serendipity has a Facebook and Instagram page for your amusement and edification. We call it “The Buzz” and our site will keep you posted on the various stories, pictures, and outings of the salon.

We want you as a fan and we welcome your comments on whatever nonsense we have posted!

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The front desk is the gateway to the salon, so please email
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We don’t have openings very often, but are always happy to meet highly motivated individuals. Send us a resume and come join our team!